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Lauren H. Brandenburg has done it again with Orlo: The Created! As a Christian music artist, I meet families from all over the world—I consistently see a need for safe, clean stories with a strong faith theme that both children and the family can enjoy. As with her first series, the Books of Orlo promise to be a solution to this need! – Danny Gokey, Christian Performing Artist and American Idol Finalist

Mamas, this is one of the best wholesome fictions series my boys have ever read . . . they love it and so do I. Trish Corlew, Co-Owner Hip Homeschool Moms.

The books of Boone in The Books of the Gardener series are a wonderful read for middle school children, youth, and even adults. As an author and storyteller, I love how Lauren H. Brandenburg has crafted a set of characters with such unique and interesting gifts, a world of mystery and intrigue, and a story that is gripping until the end.  – Jamie George, Author and Pastor of Journey Church, Franklin, TN

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Orlo the deliverer has spent his entire life living in the Conclusus—an underground world where lush gardens grow on top of magnificent towers and a steam filled air balloon is the preferred method of travel by the higher class. On an unplanned trip to the Hall of Healers, Orlo overhears news of a tournament and sees the opportunity to not only increase his social status but fulfill his heart’s desire—to be an inventor. When he is ordered to retrieve a mysterious package from the Liberum, a vile place where the steam that powers and lights the Conclusus is processed by lawbreakers, Orlo’s dreams of inventing will be altered and his relationships questioned as an unexpected enemy emerges and reveals the truth behind the life he has always known.

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Christian Children's Book Series

Christian Children's Book Series